Saturday 13th April 2024
Scout Park, Haringey, London




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Basically you will be playing a big game of Monopoly!

The aim of Monopoly Run is for you and your team, made up of between 4 to 7 members, to visit as many locations as possible, including additional bonus locations and picking up Chance and Community items along the way. 

After leaving ‘GO’ (and remembering to collect 200 points as you pass GO), your team will have up to 9 hours to travel around London, taking  photo's to prove your visit, before returning to GO.

Each team will be issued a Team pack at GO which will show the number of points that can be earnt by visiting and answering a question at each location.

You'll need to do some tactical planning as you travel into central London as some locations are worth more than others and double points are awarded for getting to all the locations and answering the questions in the same colour group.   

Each team will have a team card which will need to be in the photo to score.

As you travel around London, visiting some amazing places, you'll be able to upload your photo's on your phone, ready for scoring later.



As well as prizes for the main competition there are prizes for best photo and best fancy dress - so remember to make your photos as interesting as possible.

1st Explorer/Ranger; 2nd place Explorer/Ranger; 3rd place Explorer/Ranger
1st Network; 2nd Network; 3rd Network
1st Leader; 2nd Leader; 3rd Leader
Best Photo; Best Fancy Dress
League Winner; 'X' League Winner


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