Friday 23rd to Saturday 31st October 2020





Getting Started

It is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop to complete this challenge. The recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Javascript is used and must be enabled. Session Cookies are used to authenticate data pages so must be enabled (see your browser options on how to enable cookies).
You will be required to use Google Maps and streetview.

The Virtual Monopoly Run will open at 19:00 on Friday 23rd October 2020 at which time you can Register and take part in the challenge.
If entering as a team, it is suggested using Zoom or a similar tool to share a single screen.  To Register click on the tab and enter Contact Name; Team Name; Email address; and Password. Note: these details are required to verify and contact an entrant to the competition if necessary.

This process will provide you with your Entry code, which must be remembered along with the password you create.
Please make a note of these as the details will not be sent via email.  If you have an issue accessing using your registered credentials then contact via emailing to


Passing GO

Registration and GO will be live from 19:00 on Friday 23rd October through to 23:59 on Saturday 31st October 2020. Enter your Entry Code and Password and press LOGIN. The Entry code will be shown and after you click SUBMIT your timer will start and you have 24 hours to complete. Note that after Registration you do not need to start until you are ready.
To pass GO click GO to continue.

If the error 'Value already present' shows after clicking SUBMIT this means that you have previously clicked submit and the timer was already started. In this case, refresh the browser screen and click GO to Continue (as shown above).
From here you are also able to click the Logout link, and you'll need to use your entry code and password to log back in.


The Monopoly Board and entering your Answers

You will be presented with a screen showing your Entry Code, Started Time, Last Updated Time and the date and time that you must complete the challenge (which will be 24 hours from Started Time). This is the page where you enter the Locations and Answers for each of the images. After 24 hours you will not be able to make updates to this page.


The Monopoly Board

To see the images for each location clicking on the link in the yellow box will open a new window showing the 30 coloured board locations and the values assigned to each.    These values will be used to calculate your total score.

This will present the Virtual Monopoly Board. Selecting each location via the link in a box will open another window showing the image.
Each coloured box has a link denoting what the location answer should be;

  • Road/Street name - the road Street name where the image has been taken from

  • Landmark - the obvious landmark of the place you can see

  • Park name - the name of the Park where the image is shown

  • Bridge name - the Bridge from where the image is taken

  • Station name - the name of the Station





Here is location 0 showing that the location is a Landmark. Clicking on 'Landmark' will open a new window with the image.
The question is available from the page where you enter your answers by hovering over the question mark next to the 'Question'.

Below is an image of somewhere in London. From the clues in the picture you should use (if needed) or other browser to find the general location. Then using streetview functionality within try to match the exact position of the image. Take into account objects, people, trees, clouds etc to determine the exact position.
For every location you will need to provide 2 answer:
- the first relating to the name of the location (could be the place; street name; Landmark etc)
- and second provide an answer to a question visible from this exact spot (out of view from the image shown)

In this example you will need to use the clues in the image to determine the location. Using Google or other browser maybe search for London Sealife Aquarium (visible in picture). Once you find the place or area use Google maps and the Pegman (thats the little orange figure at the bottom of the map) to find the exact place which the image is showing. In this case enter the name of the location as 'London Eye'. Remember to align everything in the picture so you are positioned and ready to answer the question.  Also bear-in-mind that Google Streetview uses timelines, and you may also need to adjust the date that Google captured the images.

Question : What is the person in the green T-Shirt holding?

Using Google maps streetview look around(rotate) from this location (don't move map position). In this example you will find a group of people and one of them has a green T-Shirt. So Answer is 'Cup'.

Note: This picture is only shown for example purposes. Questions will not have a picture attached and you will need to match the position yourself.



For each location identified correctly, points will be awarded based on the value shown on The Monopoly Board.
All questions answered correctly will receive £50.
If all the locations in a colour group are identified correctly and all answers are correct, then each location in that colour group will get double points!  Note that the colour groups where double points apply are locations 2 to 23 only.
The winner will be the person or team having the highest score in the shortest time.


And that's it!

Some locations are harder than others so it will need a bit of detective work to find out the location.
When dropping Pegman onto Google maps remember there are 2 types of 'streetviews' on the map. The first type are google's own mapping of streets and footpaths, and the second type are user contributions represented by dots on the map - both type are used in the competition, so do explore1




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